Sunday, 3 July 2011

This is my first customer's order. She wants this birthday cupcakes for her daughter Bazilah,  They are sisters, and i love making the two sisters with fondant. Kakak and adik, that's what we call them, Bazilah and Faqehah. ~ chocolate cupcakes with chocolate toppings. 
 Later  i made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate toppings for Sarah, my colleague's daughter.
She's also Bazilah's cousin.
 Her birthday was in December 2010 as well.. a simple one tho'.
Adik Faqehah

Kakak Bazilah
Sisters forever!
Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate toppings and
chocolate rice
SBS cupcakes especially for my "anak angkat"
who works with Sarah.  
Red Velvet with buttercream icing, my 22nd anniversary gift to my dear friends
25th December 2010, my 22nd anniversary